Cloud Adjacent Platform

Oncore Cloud Adjacent Platform

De-risk cloud-first digital transformation using industry-proven, familiar, cloud-adjacent technology enablement.
Globally Interconnected    Enterprise-native 
Multi-cloud Ready    Dedicated performance
Oncore's Cloud Adjacent Platform extends existing technology, network, data and security investments into the cloud edge.   Organizations connect enterprise resources, such as compute and storage, to cloud-first environments.   This approach enables organizations to maintain sensitive data sets and workloads near their public clouds, interconnecting everything together via cloud adjacent platform.   
Our platform is strategically distributed geographically placing it in close proximity to public cloud service regions.   Cloud Adjacency enables familiar enterprise technology directly in-line with the public cloud.  
  • Data Protection Platform;
  • Managed Hybrid Cloud;
  • Private Storage;
  • Managed Edge Transit and Security Services.
The Oncore Cloud Adjacent Platform gets your organization to the cloud natively.