Data Center Modernization

Oncore Data Center Modernization

Gain efficiencies from cloud-first decentralized  service delivery through cloud-adjacent technology alignments.


For decades enterprises have been operating on-premise data centres along with technology infrastructures supporting business and customer functions.   With public clouds delivering services at previously unrealized efficiencies and economies, business leaders are looking to modernize, streamline and transform their organizations leveraging cloud agility and increasing velocity of business services.   Oncore's deep and wide perspectives around the cloud, infrastructure and enterprise technology help accelerate corporate modernization with industry-proven methodologies.  

Together we help:

  • Simplify Enterprise technology ecosystems;
  • Digitally transform technology roadmaps optimizing IT spend;
  • Complement and extend technology ecosystems with strategic, cloud native services;
  • Gain cloud adoption insights from an enterprise-aligned infrastructure perspectives;
  • Align network transit efficiencies to on-premise data center facilitates, extending reach and serviceability of existing investments.

At Oncore we've been optimizing technology ecosystems, aligning cloud first efficiencies with on-premise technology investments bridging the two leveraging our cloud adjacent platform.