Secure Cloud HCI

Oncore Manaed Hybrid Cloud

Cloud-adjacent, scale-out, future-proof compute, dedicated and privately managed on your terms.


Secure Cloud HCI is a powerful, private virtualization platform based on the proven, cloud-scale KVM hypervisor.  It’s identical to the platform Oncore uses to deliver many of its services.  Secure Cloud HCI is delivered as a private, fully managed, dedicated cluster exclusively at Equinix IBX metros.  

Secure Cloud HCI Clusters feature:

  • Current generation x86-64 Intel or AMD multi-core compute;
  • Scaleable memory;
  • Built-in elastic all-flash block storage;
  • High Availability, Resource Scheduling, Fault Tolerance;
  • UniversalEdge Starter Edition (Internet, managed Security Perimeter);
  • Included Data Protection for all cluster-deployed workloads and data;
  • Available DR configurations and multi-site data replication
  • Available replication to a tertiary site or cloud storage; 
  • Flexible configurations - Oncore KVM HCI, Azure Stack HCI, VMware.

Secure Cloud KVM HCI is a cost-effective alternative to other enterprise virtualization platforms.  Customers typically realize upwards of 60-70% cost savings over leading enterprise virtualization platforms. 

Use Cases

  • Hybrid Cloud Adjacency;
  • Artificial Intelligence;
  • Production Enterprise Services;
  • Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity;
  • Development Environments;
  • Regulatory / compliance-sensitive data sets;
  • Latency-sensitive workloads;
  • Single-instance, multi-cloud attached private compute;


  • Elastic scale-out / in capacity;
  • Rapid provisioning;
  • DevOps Ready – Terraform, Ansible, Puppet, etc;
  • Included data protection for all deployed workloads (backup interval – every 1-24 hrs) with ransomware-resilient capabilities, including customer-directed encryption;
  • Native integration with cloud platforms, including Azure, AWS, Google, Oracle;
  • Easy migration / onboarding – run existing VMDKs, QCOW2 or RAW disk images.
  • Available Data Stream migration appliance.


Tech Details

 SecureCloud2 20240123.1


The Solution

          On-premises customer environment, offices, data center, etc.
Private interconnection – Equinix Fabric, Data Center Cross Connect, Private Circuit.

Oncore Secure Cloud HCI Elastic Private Converged Compute Cluster.   Compute, All-flash storage (primary), software-defined networking.
Secure Cloud HCI Supports Oncore KVM, Azure Stack HCI and VMware vCloud configurations.

Included Randsomware-resilient Data Protection Platform and on-net with Private Storage (secondary).
UniversalEdge delivers cloud platform, Internet, and service provider Interconnection built on our fully managed UniversalEdge routing and security platform.
Bullet 6BK Native replication is available to your organization's public cloud platform.


How it works

               Fully managed SecureCloud HCI elastic compute leveraging current generation hardware, all-flash primary storage, and software-defined networking.  Secure Cloud is available across all Oncore Cloud Adjacent Platform serviced metros supporting fault-tolerant, geographically redundant, high availability scenarios. 
The Oncore Data Protection Platform captures continuous incremental backups of Secure Cloud HCI deployed workloads.  Backup intervals are configurable from 1-24 hr intervals and feature customer-defined data encryption controls.  
  On-net Private Storage delivers secondary block storage to primary or alternate metro Secure Cloud HCI clusters.   Private Storage leverages Oncore's petabyte-scale data platform with offsite replication capabilities.
The Oncore Data Protection Platform has the native ability to replicate protected data to alternate Cloud Adjacent Platform metros or Public Cloud Platforms.  Replication intervals are completely configurable and feature standard verification of all replicated content.   
A dedicated public cloud-deployed Oncore Data Protection Platform instance facilitates cloud native data replication and recovery.
Bullet FGN Alternate metro Oncore Data Protection Platform facilitates the protection of local Secure Cloud HCI workloads and facilitates a replication target.
Bullet GGN Oncore's exclusive Complete Path Monitoring ensures transparent, real-time visibility of your services and uptime of vital resources and interconnection.  Complete Path Monitoring, by default, provides visibility of all Oncore services, including +/- 1 hop into customer-premise and cloud provider environments.  


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